Talks to Study on Studying Religious Literature

Working on a class for REL 215 (Scripture Study) and Monday’s lesson will be on literary styles in scripture –

Literary Styles in Scripture

Another way to help understand scripture is to understand the techniques that the authors used to write. For today’s study, we are going to spend some time familiarizing ourselves with some of these techniques (kind of like learning how notes and chords in different patterns create music or how light and composition bring photography to life).  In addition to bible literature comprising the following: Law, History, Poetry, Prophecy, Genealogy,  and Narrative, their works also included literary styles that would make it rich in meaning, but to the modern reader (who is used to Western traditional poetry and prose) scriptures can be confusing.

Hebrew writers would use:

  • Parallelism
  • Chiasmus
  • Figurative Imagery
  • Dualism

In order to learn some of these techniques, please choose to study two of the following articles and be prepared to share your findings:


Just leaving a few more talks that I came across here for study:

Video –


Very, very intrigued by the poetry style.

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